Magick and Witchcraft

Magick and Witchcraft

Since the dawn of time, human cultures have tried to explain many things by justifying them with magick and witchcraft. Although many of these phenomena are now likely explained by science, there are still things left unexplained like the telekinesis episodes of World War II and the Visions many historic personalities like Nostradamus had that would recognize the future times to come.

Throughout this article, we will go over white magic witches and warlocks and their black magic counterparts – as with everything in nature, magick is also balanced between good and evil.

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White Magick and Witchcraft

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These entities have been documented by history as helpers to the people. They believe in using magick to bend nature in order to help it. They don’t abuse their power and throughout the ages have been misunderstood as prophets, angels, and even Gods.

Black Magick and Witchcraft

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They use magic to bend nature for their personal gain and benefit from dark energies and an ill repute. Throughout the ages, these entities have been hunted down but also craved as advisers and military generals due to their powerful precognition potential to help turn the tides of battle.

If you want to find some black magic witches, look no further than Adolph Hitler’s special unit that had long haired witches to perform several tasks for the Third Reich… The long hair supposedly acted as an antenna to capture nature’s energies and they would often gather in groups to up their power.

Wicca is one of the more publicly known traditions within Neopaganism, a magical religion inspired by medieval witchcraft, with influences including the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Crowley.  Wiccans and witches define magic in many different ways and use it for a number of different purposes. Despite that diversity of opinion, he concludes that the result upon the practitioner is generally perceived as a positive one.


Magick and religion also share a collective character in a totality of belief. The rules and powers of each are determined by the community’s ideals and beliefs and so may slowly evolve. Additionally, neither supports a partial belief. Belief in one aspect of the phenomena necessitates belief in the whole, and each incorporates structural loopholes to accommodate contradictions.

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