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Should You Be Afraid Of Money Spells?

Should You Be Afraid Of Money Spells?

Plenty of people begin their books, essays, and web pages on money spells by talking about the dangers of practicing magick. The uninitiated, it is said, will find themselves in a world of danger and pain by even thinking of taking the path which the author will then describe. Readers are warned of unexpected consequences, which result from fiddling about with the universe and actively trying to pursue something as profane as money. Please rest assured that I do not judge you. In fact, I have a desire for money as well and am actively working towards accumulating a little.

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Money spells are innocuous. Like many tools, they are neutral. Positivity or negativity depends on what they are used for, who they are used by, and how they are used. A hammer, for example, is neither good nor evil. It can be used to repair an item or build a house, which is good. It can be used to hurt someone, which is bad. Additionally, someone who doesn’t know what they are doing can hurt themselves by using it the wrong way. Therefore, if you are going to use money spells, as long as you know what you are doing, are cautious, and aren’t using it for negative purposes, nothing bad is likely to come of your practice.

  • Unlike a hammer, the harm the practitioner may face generally won’t come from the spell itself. It will come from practicing magick without doing anything else to improve the situation. You can copy/paste spells all you want, and you can dance every night under the moonlight, but unless you actively work on fixing your problems in mundane ways, your magick probably won’t work. If you expect your spells to work without addressing what is causing the problem, your situation is likely to remain the same or even grow worse. The danger is in wasting time and energy on something that doesn’t work.
  • Money spells are part of the solution, not the whole thing. You might do a money spell to help you get enough for rent, but if you don’t do anything else to change your situation, next month you’ll be scrambling to get rent again. You might do a spell hoping to get some overtime, but if you are underpaid and chronically given fewer hours than you need, you will always be lacking. The key here is to work on the root problem rather than just the symptoms. Don’t be satisfied if you get enough for the day; work on the reasons why you don’t have enough for the month. When you have begun to understand what your monthly finance problems are, concentrate on the year. The further along you go, the greater your understanding will be of your financial situation and how to manage it. This is so much more effective than trying to get by day to day.
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The easiest way to seek out route out problems instead of fixing specific symptoms is to focus on intention. That doesn’t mean that you can’t focus on the current problems which vex you. Not having enough for rent is a huge problem and one that can’t be ignored. However, letting that be all that you concern yourself with is a mistake. If you only say, “I want enough for rent this month,” then that is all you will receive. Don’t go the other route and say, “I want untold riches.” How exactly would you be able to accomplish this, besides having some very rich person decide to take you under their wing? If the intention is to have enough money, it is better to say things like, “I will be prosperous,” and “I will have enough to take care of whatever I need.” You certainly don’t have to say those things forever, but once you reach a stable place financially, you can work on getting a bit more for the things that you intend to do.

One last thing – money isn’t evil. The desire to be financially well off is not a bad thing, either. If you use magick to get money, you aren’t committing any grievous error. So long as you don’t commit any ethical errors, you should take joy in the fact that you are trying to improve your life.


Now that you understand money spells aren’t some cure-all thing that you do slap-dash whenever you feel like making a bit of cash, I would like to share with you a customizable method of gaining prosperity. This is no ‘cut and paste’ set of instructions, but rather a beginner’s guide that you can build on.

There are only two rules to Greenwick style spells an ritual. The first is that intention rules over everything. The second is that nothing can be done unethically.

  • Yes, that is really all there is to it. With these two things firmly in mind, you can begin to work your magick. Identify what your problems are. Concentrate. What do you think best symbolizes your problems? Make a representation of this symbol to use in the spell.
  • Set aside a time and place for your spell. Maybe you’ll light a candle. Maybe you’ll go to a quiet place in the middle of the night. Maybe you’ll do it in the middle of the day. The bathroom might be an interesting place to try. Whatever time and place you feel will work best for you, no matter the reason.
  • For myself, the best sort of prosperity spell involves gardening. I set up some sort of plant – whether it is a pot of dirt with seeds in it or something that is already grown. Starting from a seed would probably be best. Sometimes I also use a token – in this case, a money frog. I set the token on the dirt at the edge of the pot.

After doing whatever I feel is important to do at the moment (Lighting candles, dancing, singing, etc.) I ponder the growth of the plants. I dedicate the plant to whatever it is that I want to work on. I say, “I will tend this plant as I tend my problem. As this plant grows, I will grow, and my problem will blossom into new life.” The best thing about this is that problems, when we address them, usually let us move forward in life. Our problems are an important part of who we are, and the only way that we will ever grow as people.

After that, I think of how I can help the magick along. For prosperity, I look for better jobs or money making activities. I work on my woodcraft and my art, with the intention of both giving others something to enjoy and using my skills to make a living. Prosperity is not immediate but is growing apace. Best of all, my state of mind has improved immensely.

I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

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Magick Can Bring You Money – The Truth About Money Spells

Magick Can Bring You Money

There is nothing evil, bad, harmful, or unethical about using magick to bring you money. This is especially true if you’re in financial distress, if you need the money, or if you plan on doing something good with it. In that situation, using a money spell is not only not harmful, but a positive thing that will bring you good karma. People have been using spells for wealth and finances since the ancient Egyptians with great success. Here are a few things you should know about money spells to get you on the same track.

The Truth About Money Spells

Money spells are ancient. Ever since magick was discovered and refined in the earliest societies, spells to bring financial aid have existed. You can find financial and money spells in the records of the ancient Greeks, the ancient Egyptians, the Kabbalistic magick of the ancient Israelites, and the European ceremonial traditions. The use of spells to bring wealth and financial assistance is cross-cultural and has benefited people of varying religions, ethnicities, cultures, and traditions.

To the is end, your endeavor be to bring to you successfully All Love and Wealth you wish to possess So in the end, others you can bless.


Everyone uses money spells. There is no one demographic for the type of person who uses a spell to help them financially. Top CEOs, businessmen, and politicians have been known to use spells to help them achieve the success they retain! Similarly, your average Joe has been using spells to help end debt, achieve job security, and get promotions! Gamblers and lottery players use spells all the time – most people who win typically have had some sort of magick to give their luck a hand at one point or another.

Money spells are not harmful. There is nothing inherently negative or evil about a spell designed to bring money. To the contrary – if you intend to use the money in a constructive fashion, it will actually benefit your karma to use a money spell! Spells help redirect energies where they belong, and if you’re in debt or need a bit of a financial boost then a money spell is definitely for you. You should have no worries or fears when using spells to get money.


Money spells work. They really, really work! It’s not uncommon for people to clear up all of their debt, get promoted quickly, move on to better jobs, win lotteries, or come across large sums of money after using money spells. Because money spells are so straightforward, the type of energies that are manifested and directed toward the target work quickly and powerfully. This makes money spells the archetypal, extreme examples of successful spells you often read about.


Money spells are worth your investment. If you’re visiting a spellcaster to cast a money spell for you, you can expect to pay a menial fee for their work. However, this is a small investment for the results! The vast majority of people who have a decent caster perform a money spell for them see exponential returns on that small one-time payment. Because it’s an investment, you can expect to see a substantial return.

You need to find a powerful spellcaster who is experienced in casting money and financial spells. If you want spells to get money, it’s in your best interest to find someone with a good track record, strong testimonials, and a guarantee, behind their work. Good luck – and get rich soon!

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Three Powerful Money Spells You Can Try

Three Powerful Money Spells You Can Try

Money spells are very popular. We’d all like some extra money here and there, and a money spell is a good way to help us along the way. Here are a few of my own personal money spells and charms that I’d like to share.

o Light a green taper candle, place it on your altar and rub it down with almond oil. You can also light some almond incense if you wish. Meditate for a few minutes and then begin chanting:
“Money, money, come to me. I will have wealth and prosperity.” “Money, money, come to me. I will have wealth and prosperity.”

Chant this mantra over and over again, for at least fifteen minutes. While chanting it, visualize yourself enjoying the money as if you already have it. Once you feel that you’ve gathered enough energy and that the mantra chanting was successful, then say,

“Money, money, come to me. I will have wealth and prosperity. Thank you Goddess/God/Universe (whatever you personally believe in) for hearing my plea, and so mote it be.” Let the candle continue burning for awhile, just keep an eye on it so you won’t burn your house down. 🙂 This money spell should be done on a Sunday or Monday night of a full or new moon.


o Next time you go window shopping or browse eBay, say this money mantra over and over again while visualizing yourself obtaining everything you look at:

“All that I see will belong to me, I can manifest it all, as it’s meant to be.” Say this money mantra repeatedly while looking at everything you wish you could afford.

This next spell is a way to give gratitude and thanks for all the money you have had in your life up to now. Even if you feel you haven’t had much, you should still be thankful for everything that you’ve had, rather than the feeling of “lack” for everything that you haven’t had. The Universe will grant you your wishes more often, just as long as you are feeling true gratitude in your heart.

Money of mine where do you dwell Come to me to forever swell To greater sums each and every day To comfort bring and distress sway

o You will need at least a dozen tea light candles placed all around you in a perfect circle. Sit down inside the circle, and hold your favorite gemstone in between the palms of both hands. This will be your gratitude rock. If you don’t have a gratitude rock, then you need to get one. Gemstones aren’t always expensive. My personal gratitude rock is a piece of moldavite.

While holding the gemstone in between your palms, take deep, slow breaths and begin meditating. Try to spend at least fifteen minutes thanking the Goddess/God/Universe (whatever your preference is) for all the good things in your life at to this point in time. I’m sure you can come up with fifteen minutes of memories to be thankful for. You can also burn some incense if you wish. Make it a personal experience, use your favorite incense.

When this money spell is near its completion, chant this mantra a few times,

” Thank you for all that you have given me. I am now ready to receive more.”

Then finish this money spell and gratitude spell off by doing a proper banishing.

These are three money spells that I’ve done myself in the past. I’ve personally found them to be helpful, and hopefully, you will too. It is sometimes hard to get money spells to work in general, so hopefully one of these (or all three) will be just what you need.

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To Cast Spells for Money

Cast Your Own Spells for Money

Ever since there has been money in the world, there have been spells for money for people trying to get it. The idea of an exchange of currency for a benefit, a simple concept, has evolved into something more. Money has now become a symbol of social status and people now struggle to grab hold of it and the promises it entails. And they would do anything to get it.

Wiccan candle spells to draw to you your wealth

In the beginning, money spells were cast only by witches. They allegedly enjoyed the power of communicating with the Gods and charming them to receive an abundance of wealth. However, at this time, witchcraft and spell casting were looked at in the negative light, and people who didn’t wholly participate in the art never tried to cast such spells. As time went on, everyone started accepting the practice of spellcasting, and more and more people started believing in its powers.

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With the growth of the fascination in the psychic medium, faith healers, miracle workers, and psychic advisors would lend a hand to the less informed and give them an outlet to their desires. They would lend a hand to the ones in need of some spiritual soothing. People sought their help because of a lack of means and information to be able to solve such problems themselves. Such is not the case now.

Now we are equipped with the knowledge of the written world as well as the web. It has become exceedingly easy to obtain and cast money spells in the comfort of our homes, with a good amount of research. A lot of these spells allow people with no prior experience in spell casting, to connect with the energies of the universe to get some wealth. People can use such spells to increase their productivity at work, bring good luck in their jobs and businesses, and even help them to try and find the right career for them. Even though there are individuals who claim to have the ability to communicate with the supernatural, and offer to cast money spells, people have the choice to try their hand at it themselves.

It must be mentioned that money spells are only a means to get the message of one’s desires across to the spiritual universe. One still must go out and take part in the activities that result in money flow. They must work and earn their living. The purpose of a money spell is to help a person with their wants, and not to fulfill them completely and immediately.
Money will continue to remain the object of most people’s affection. It will always remind them of all the luxuries that would be available to them as a result. The pursuit of it will forever cause them to stress and worry. In a worldwide affliction as such, a spell for money could be considered a means to relieve some of that tension, a pat on the back; a gentle voice telling you that it will all work out.


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How To Get Out Of Debt By Using Spells of Magick and Spells of Money

How To Get Out Of Debt By Using Spells of Magick and Spells of Money

We all know that times are tough right now. The economy is bad; people are losing their jobs, houses, cars and struggling to try to make ends meet. What a lot of people don’t know about is the useful tool of magick money spell casting! This is an easy way to gain income fast and easy to help you out in a pinch. Spells of Magick are safe, effective and can work if you’re really in a bad situation.

Bad Economy : Newspaper headlines showing Foreclosure and bad economic news Spells of Magick

I had a friend come to me because she lost her job and was in terrible debt. The result of losing her job had a domino effect on her. She lost her car because she wasn’t able to pay the payments and now she was on the verge of losing her home. She’s a single mother trying to make ends meet and was desperate to keep her house for the sake of her kids. I suggested that she try a magick money spell casting to help get a handle on her debt. She had the casting done and as an end result, she saved her home! This started the beginning of the use of magick spell casting for my friend. Once you’re open to the idea of magick and how magick spells can help you out in every aspect of your life, the possibilities are endless!

Magic Spells : Collage of a young woman reading a magic book Spells of Magick

A lot of people get scared by the idea of magick. They assume that using a magick spell will cause bad karma, hurt, or even harm to themselves or other people. This simply isn’t the case. They think if they use a magick money spell casting to gain some income that the repercussions can be devastating and cause them to have bad luck 3 fold. This idea simply bothers me. If these people were to get educated about magick, they would find out that it’s a great tool to use in everyday life!


If you’re wondering how a magick money spell casting could help you out with your finances, I can happily explain the process! This is how magick works: Your magick money spell is cast using the information given to the spell caster. People usually provide their full name, a photograph and the amount of money they would like to attract. The magick money spell is then cast on their behalf. The magick spells energies are then sent out into the universe and begin to manifest. Positive thoughts and visualization are key to making your magick money spell manifest. Without thinking positive thoughts, believing in the magick spell or visualizing the end result, this can delay the results you are hoping for. It will take longer for the manifestation of money you need and even in some cases it will not work at all. This is a very important factor when casting magick money spells! I hope all of you have found this information helpful and you will soon embark on a magickal journey of your own!

Blessed Be!


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Magick, Create and Cast Spells of Magick

Magick, Create and Cast Spells of Magick

Magick, it is easier than you think to create and cast Spells of Magick. As with anything in life, research, care, and attention to detail will always bring good results.


Ancient Practices for Creating Abundance and Prosperity

Decide on the intention of the Magick Spell. What do you hope to gain or manifest by your Spellcasting? What specific goal are you aiming for? Bear in mind that your Magick Spell must be for a positive purpose with harm to none. Any mischievous or malicious intent will backfire upon you three-fold.


Practical Magick for Daily Life To ease your way and lighten your strife.

Everything possesses an elemental energy that corresponds to the elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water or Spirit. The term “correspondences” refers to the appropriate classification of many Spell ingredients, objects, timings, directions, colors, emotions, and qualities, etc.

It is very important in all magical workings, and particularly in Spellcasting, to select the correct ingredients that correspond to the outcome you are aiming for. Carefully choosing the right herbs, colored candles or timings, will reap benefits in your Spellcasting practice.

Select the matching correspondences for your purpose. A Magic Spell for money manifestation could include green candles, green crystals such as aventurine, and herbs of sage or mint. The Money Spell could be cast at sunrise facing the direction north. A Love Spell would perhaps include rose quartz crystals, rosebuds or Dittany of Crete, and pink candles, and be cast at midnight.

Money Spells

Herbs and plants used in Magic Spells for money manifestation include sage, mint, mugwort, and honeysuckle. The predominant color for Money Spells is green – so candles and crystals in this color should be used. Money Spells correspond to the element of earth and should ideally be cast at sunrise facing north.

lovers- magick-love spells
Cast your own powerful love spells

Love Spells

The plants and herbs most associated with Love Spells are rose and Dittany of Crete. Pink is the color that corresponds to love spells, so crystals and candles of this color should be used. Love spells resonate with the element of Water. The timing of Love Spells are usually set for midnight and can be cast in the direction of west.


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Magic Spells for success correspond to the element of Fire, the color red, the direction south and the time of midday. Herbs and plants best used in Success Spells are basil, bay laurel, rosemary or nettle. Fiery crystals such as Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper and Carnelian should be used to manifest success.

Moon Phase

Decide when to cast your specific Magic Spell by taking into account the phase of the Moon. A Love Spell is best cast on a Full Moon, whereas a Cleansing Spell would be best cast on a New Moon. It is important to select the right Moon phase for a specific Magic Spell. Spellcasting to gain, increase or draw towards you love, abundance, prosperity etc, should ideally be cast when the Moon is waxing (from New to Full). To rid, decrease or send away negativity or bad habits choose the waning Moon phase (from Full to New).

The peak energy is at the Full Moon, and as such is the most powerful time for Spell Casting.

The New Moon is the next most powerful time for working magic.

Success Spells



It is not essential to have your Magic Spell worded in rhyme. But the very process of attempting to make a rhyming poem of the outcome of your Magic Spell takes time, energy and effort. This ensures you have really thought about what it is you want exactly.

Your Magic Spell should be written down. It must be “spelled” out to the Univers. You must also speak aloud your Spell – preferably 3 times to ensure the universe can hear your request and to manifest the appropriate affirmation.

Be very specific in your Magic Spell request and include a time span if there is a deadline. A Magic Spell to win the lottery, badly worded, may result in the lowest payout some years hence and not the big prize you wanted within months! A badly worded Love Spell may result in you attracting a bunch of weirdos! So, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it!

Traditionally, the words “So mote it be” should end your Magic Spell. This is a very ancient phrase and means ‘So as I will it, so shall it be done.” It is basically an affirmation that your request will manifest into reality.

A Beginner’s Guide to Harness the Power of Wiccan Magick Spells to Attract Love, Wealth, Health, Divination and Protection

Spell Casting

If you conduct any magical working half-heartedly, with little thought to the ingredients, tools or wording, you will only achieve half-hearted results. So take great thought and care and give yourself the best chance of manifestation of your desires by taking each step of the Spellcasting process seriously.

Remember that a Magic Spell cannot replace physical actions, only enhance them. So if you want to attract a soul mate into your life, you need to mix and socialize with lots of people. If you want a brilliant job, then you have to ensure your CV or resume is brilliant. If you want to win the lottery – then you have to buy a ticket!