Spellcasting and Casting Spells With Witchcraft

Spellcasting and Casting Spells With Witchcraft

Spell Casting and casting spells with Witchcraft have been around for hundreds of years. Magic Spells have always been a fantasy of many, but can you really cast a spell on someone? I mean really? Some believe that you can cast magic spells on people and things, and some would say its complete nonsense. Is there a science of witchcraft and magic spells? The old saying goes if you believe in something hard enough and long enough anything can happen, so therein lies a little bit of truth.

Wicca has been referred to as a benevolent witchcraft, a modern magic incorporating pre-Christianity religious practices. Occurring often together with spellcasting, in conjunction with each other, these practices complement each other with spells for healing, money, or love. According to Gerald Gardner in “The Meaning of Witchcraft“, “Witches were the Wicca or wise people, with herbal knowledge and a working occult teaching usually used for good ….”

Witchcraft : Magic Ball Stock Photo Spellcasting,Usually casting a spell on someone involves doing something, a task if you will or maybe even having something personal from the object of your intended spell cast…..We’ll use a love spell for instance. In most spellcasting involving love you have to have something that contains the DNA of the object of your affection, (not always though) then some sort of ritual is performed to cast the spell.

Magick Spell Casting : Witchcraft Forbidden Spell Verses of Dark Arts Spellcasting,

Anybody can practice witchcraft and make it come true if they truly believe in the Spell Cast. Ah ha, did you get that, you have to believe in it? If you don’t believe in the magic the spell casting is surely not going to work. You have to Honestly believe in it in order for it to manifest itself into a reality, simply casting a spell that you don’t believe in is just not going to work. There are hundreds if not thousands of spells you can cast on everything from love to your job.

Has anyone every produced factual result from Witchcraft? Most likely not as there have never been any tests that I am aware of that have used a control., but to my knowledge, no one has ever proved that Spell Casting doesn’t work either!

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Casting Magic Spells

Casting Magic Spells

The belief in magic and energy will aid in casting magic spells that work. It is the nature of belief in oneself that gives you the power to create working spells. To first cast a spell you must become in tune with everything around you. You must free yourself from all that clouds your mind and become in tune with what you want to happen.

Magic Spells : Witchcraft Forbidden Spell Verses of Dark Arts Casting Magic Spells
Love Spells

When you are first starting out in witchcraft you can find spells that exist already and modify them to your needs. Once you have become successful at casting spells then you may wish to write your own spells and create your own destiny.

Magic Spells : Open book magic on black Casting Magic Spells
Wicca Love Spells

When looking at a spell you need to ask yourself if it is what you truly desire. What parts of it work for you and what parts of it do not. You must make each spell to make it individually unique to your needs and wants.

Magic Spells : The ancient magic book Casting Magic Spells
Wicca Love Spells

Here is an example of a love spell to attract attention from the person you desire. In this spell, you will need an orange candle, marjoram oil, non-flammable glue and a dish that is safe for the oven. You should be adept at casting your circle before attempting this spell. Cast your circle and place a picture of your “crush” in the dish. Cover the picture with glue, pour the oil over the candle, and set the candle in the glue. Light the candle and say:

Magic Spells : Composition with old papers, herbs, stones and bottles with symbols on wooden background Casting Magic Spells
Love Spells

By the four posts of my bed:

“I turn your head,

I turn your head.

By my loins and by my thighs

I draw your eyes,

I draw your eyes.

With marjoram and bowl of glue

I make you think of me as I think of you.

I cause you to look at me;

I cause you to look at me

I make you enchanted by what you see.”

Now simply let the candle burn out until the spell works. This spell can be altered to your taste and preferences. You may use a different type of oil, or as was suggested by another witch, vaginal secretions.

The trick to casting spells, particularly with beginner witchcraft, is to make them your own. Create words and spaces that mean something to you. Singing and dancing during your spell ritual will also make them more powerful. Setting up a ritual to use every time you cast a spell is also very important. For quickest results, your practice begins here!

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When to Cast Spells

When to Cast Spells

It is important that you cast spells at the right time. Love spells, money spells and spells to rid negativity, all have their special time for casting to enhance their chances of success.

The Moon is the main influence in deciding when to Cast a Spell.

Under a Full Moon, it is the time for Love,

to bring the one you’re thinking of.

Full Moon : Full moon closeup showing the details of the lunar surface Cast Spells

A Waxing Moon signifies growth and expansion, so is the best Moon Phase for Spells of growth and expansion.

Waxing Moon : Moon. Cast Spells

A Waning Moon signifies reduction and moving inwards and this is the best Moon Phase for Spells of banishment, and ridding negativity.

Waxing Moon : picture of the third last quarter moon, taken by telescope Cast Spells

When Casting you will be wise to follow Nature as She knows when the energy you need for a particular Spell will be at its optimum. There is a natural moment for planting and for things to start. There is a natural moment for things to grow and mature. There is a natural time for harvesting and for reaping things. Finally, there is a period for resting.

The most popular spells that people cast or request are love spells and money spells. For love spells, if you have a particular person in mind, then the best moment to cast a spell to attract a lover is the Full Moon. This part of the month is the optimum phase for many Spells because this is the occasion of greatest lunar energy.

Many spells are cast to manifest growth. To attract love, a spell is cast to have love grow. To attract money, a spell is cast to have wealth and abundance to grow. The best moment to have this kind of spell cast is the period of a growing or waxing Moon. Any spells cast during this phase will benefit from, and be enhanced by, the growing lunar energy.

Some spells are spells of diminishment, or banishment, attempting to reduce something or reduce the effect of something. Ridding negativity is one such spell. So, the best period to cast such a spell is at the time of a reducing or waning Moon.

A weight loss spell can confuse some spellcasters. They might, for example, assume that you should cast such a spell during the reducing, or waning moon to assist with the reduction in weight. However, no spell can work in this way, and cause you simply to lose weight. All a spell can do is increase your willpower and resolve to make the changes in your life to effect a healthy loss of weight.

So, the best period to cast a spell for weight loss is in fact, during a waxing Moon!

Good luck with your Spell Casting!
Alison Yates wrote this article. Alison is an expert and experienced Spell Caster. Learn more about her Spells by visiting her website: http://www.alizons-psychic-secrets.com/spells.html


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Magic Spells, Love Spells and Money Spells in the Form of Chants

Magic Spells, Love Spells and Money Spells in the Form of Chants

Magic Spells whether they are Love Spells or Money Spells have done wonders when they are in the form of chants.

How Magic Spells in the form of chanting improves Your mental and Physical Performance.

This is the Magic Chant:


The literal translation of the above power chant is not necessary to its effectiveness, but for the

benefit of those who would like to know what it means.



Magic Spells : Illustration of an ornate gold pentagram on a black background MagicSpells, Love Spells, Money Spells
Money of mine where do you dwell Come to me to forever swell To greater sums each and every day To comfort bring and distress sway

Law of Attraction Spells

I have seen these simple but powerful chant work miracles in the lives of businessmen, housewives, convicts dope addicts, priests, probably explainable by some Tibetan Lama; but that it works, has have shown that the metabolic rate goes down during meditative chanting. University studies show that oxygen consumption during chanting reaches a level which is found in other people only after they had about seven hours sleep. Who doesn’t want a “good nights sleep” in 20 or 30 minutes?

What this can mean to you is at once exciting and earth-shaking. Chanting can change your blood composition and increase your alpha brain waves. Consequently, you increase your physical and mental performance because of the new peace you experience within. Meditative chanting clears on the psyche, so to speak, and permits new energies to flow through into your daily life. You can tap the vast reservoir of unused mental capacity by chanting.

Chants That Expand Awareness, Clarify Thought and Enhance Creativity

Say this Chant
Guru, Guru. Light my Life
Guru, Guru, lift my heart
Guru, Guru, all-knowing Guru
Show me in, show me out.

Chants of this type put you in touch with your inner self, help you to tap creative energy, permit you to function under stress and strain daily living. The following chants are at your disposal, to help you achieve the peace which precedes action, fulfillment, and effectiveness.

Chants for Relieving Stress
Void, void, void is pressure
Take away, take away, take away all
Void, void, void is heaviness
Take away, take away, take away all.

I am calm, calm, calm
Restful, peaceful, tranquil
Pressures come, pressures go
I am calm, calm, calm.

Pac, O Pac, god of Peace
I intone your name for rest and ease
(Repeat ten times in a hushed whisper.)

Begone, stress; begone, O strain
Relieve me now of pressing pair;
Begone, O burden: begone, O toil
Implant my very peace in willing soil.

Whispering palms of peace and rest come waiting through my very being like gentle wings of doves of love.

Chants for Improved Efficiency
Ability, ability, fill my veins, Stability, stability, be my reins. Give me peace, give me power, sharpen my wits, heighten my capacity. Ability, stability, capability are mine this day.

I am restful, peaceful, better and greater. Creative thought emerges from within, increases my powers, lifts me up.

Rest, peace, efficiency, mine to have, mine to hold, mine to use.

Competence, skill, ingenuity, and talent, give to me excellence, achievement, and success. Fill me, lift me, imbue me, pervade,e. Competence, skill, ingenuity, and talent, be friendly and gracious to me this day.

Chants for Well-Being

Tranquility, silence, quietude, health. These I make my own; these I conjure for aid, support, and succor. Peace is mine, strength is mine, effectiveness is mine.

Energy charging
Ideas enlarging
Focus pointing
My efforts anointing.

Stillness to my mind, rest to my body, height to my spirit, nimbleness to my fingers, adroitness to my movement, excellence to my act. Strength to my muscle, vitality to my blood, life to my limb,
power to my brain.

Magic Spells : Caucasian witch holds up a potion bottle
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When you first start chanting, extraneous thoughts may interfere with your progress, but with perseverance and determination, you will eventually find yourself floating in free space, so to speak by passing your thoughts, more aware of you inside your body. This is called the state of being, a psychic condition which is conducive to the peace and power you want. How you position yourself in order to chant depends entirely on you. Some chanters like to sit straight in a char (not rigidly), close their eyes and intone the chant. But I know people who chant mentally and quite well in subways, buses, automobiles, and in offices during working hours.

Power Chants That Draw Invisible Forces to You.

This brings me to those chants which can channel superhuman powers and direct them to you, to anyone who wants to change his life, remove obstacles to progress, better himself, disarm enemies or simply feel healthier, stronger and abler. I placed the “Peace Chants” first because we are all familiar with what happens when the nonpeaceful misuse power. Chant the foregoing chants regularly, get yourself in a state of higher being and then use the following Power Chants to get what you want out of life.

Whatever your individual need may be – a stronger body, help to overcome odds, a defense against negative people, psychic support.

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