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how to cast spells for money and profit is aimed at teaching users that magick and spell casting can be a money making tool

Underground Spells For Money and Love

Underground Spells For Money and Love

Many people are of the belief that Voodou is only used for primarily bad reasons, this is very wide of the mark. Many spells for money are cast to produce positive results, below are 5 points to ponder when using the religion for financial gain. Voodou is actually a Haitian religion as explained by Wikipedia;

Vodou originated in bani, Nigeria Africa and developed in the French Empire in the 18th century among West African slaves when African religious practice was actively suppressed, and enslaved Africans were forced to convert to Christianity. Religious practices of contemporary Vodou are descended from, and closely related to, West African Vodun as practiced by the Fon and Ewe. Vodou also incorporates elements and symbolism from other African peoples including the Yoruba and Kongo; as well as Taíno religious beliefs, Roman Catholicism, and European spirituality including mysticism and other influences.”

  • Before casting any spells for money, a circle must first be formed. This circle has a two-fold purpose, the first is to give praise to the relevant Lwa of the religion before the spell is cast, and secondly for the protection of the caster within the circle. The circle must be formed in an area away from interruption.
  • Altar Items needed to perform a spell are sea salt, candles (green for money), tools for the circle such as Altar chalice, cast-iron cauldron, serpent knife, brass Wiccan bell, drum rattle, tri-skull candle holder, incense and a burner (these can be purchased through supply companies on the internet), ingredients for your spell and an offering to the Lwas (ancestral spirits). A few pieces of fruit will be ideal for the spirit offering.
  • The color of the spells to cast for money is green. The green ones are used to bring luck in the areas of prosperity, fertility, and jobs.
  • The best day of the week to perform a Voodoo spell for money is Friday. This will add extra energy to the spell.
  • There are various Voodoo spells for money and there must be a reason given for your request during the spell casting as the spells differ. They are, for example, The Coin and Candle, The Wealthy Week, The Urgent Money, Bring Money Home, and Lottery Luck spells.
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Creating and Casting Spells

Creating and Casting Spells

It is easier than you think to devise, write and cast spells. As with anything in life, research, care, and attention to detail will always bring good results.


Magick : Fractal flame that suggests the form of a powerful wizard casting a spell Casting Spells
Red Magic For Finding Your Love

Decide on the intention of the Magic Spell. What do you hope to gain or manifest by your Spell Casting? What specific goal are you aiming for? Bear in mind that your Magic Spell must be for a positive purpose with harm to none. Any mischievous or malicious intent will backfire upon you three-fold.


Magic Spell : Collage of a young woman reading a magic book
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Everything possesses an elemental energy that corresponds to the elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water or Spirit. The term “correspondences” refers to the appropriate classification of many Spell ingredients, objects, timings, directions, colors, emotions, and qualities, etc.

It is very important in all magical workings, and particularly in Spellcasting, to select the correct ingredients that correspond to the outcome you are aiming for. Carefully choosing the right herbs, colored candles or timings, will reap benefits in your Spellcasting practice.

Select the matching correspondences for your purpose. A Magic Spell for money manifestation could include green candles, green crystals such as aventurine, and herbs of sage or mint. The Money Spell could be cast at sunrise facing the direction north. A Love Spell would perhaps include rose quartz crystals, rosebuds or Dittany of Crete, and pink candles, and be cast at midnight.

Money Spells

Herbs and plants used in Magic Spells for money manifestation include sage, mint, mugwort, and honeysuckle. The predominant color for Money Spells is green – so candles and crystals in this color should be used. Money Spells correspond to an element of earth and should ideally be cast at sunrise facing north.

Love Spells

The plants and herbs most associated with Love Spells are rose and Dittany of Crete. Pink is the color that corresponds to love spells, so crystals and candles of this color should be used. Love spells resonate with the element of Water. The timing of Love Spells are usually set for midnight and can be cast in the direction of west.

Success Spells

Magic Spells for success correspond to the element of Fire, the color red, the direction south and the time of midday. Herbs and plants best used in Success Spells are basil, bay laurel, rosemary or nettle. Fiery crystals such as Amber, Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper and Carnelian should be used to manifest success.

Moon Phase

Decide when to cast your specific Magic Spell by taking into account the phase of the Moon. A Love Spell is the best cast on a Full Moon, whereas a Cleansing Spell would be the best cast on a New Moon. It is important to select the right Moon phase for a specific Magic Spell. Spellcasting to gain, increase or draw towards you love, abundance, prosperity etc, should ideally be cast when the Moon is waxing (from New to Full). To rid, decrease or send away negativity or bad habits choose the waning Moon phase (from Full to New).

The peak energy is at the Full Moon, and as such is the most powerful time for Spell Casting. The New Moon is the next most powerful time for working magic.


It is not essential to have your Magic Spell worded in rhyme. But the very process of attempting to make a rhyming poem of the outcome of your Magic Spell takes time, energy and effort. This ensures you have really thought about what it is you want exactly.

Your Magic Spell should be written down. It must be “spelled” out to the Universe. You must also speak aloud your Spell – preferably 3 times to ensure the universe can hear your request and to manifest the appropriate affirmation.

Be very specific in your Magic Spell request and include a time span if there is a deadline. A Magic Spell to win the lottery, badly worded, may result in the lowest payout some years hence and not the big prize you wanted within months! A badly worded Love Spell may result in you attracting a bunch of weirdos! So, as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it!

Traditionally, the words “So mote it be” should end your Magic Spell. This is a very ancient phrase and means ‘So as I will it, so shall it be done.” It is basically an affirmation that your request will manifest into reality.

Spell Casting

If you conduct any magical working half-heartedly, with little thought to the ingredients, tools or wording, you will only achieve half-hearted results. So take great thought and care and give yourself the best chance of manifestation of your desires by taking each step of the Spellcasting process seriously.

Remember that a Magic Spell cannot replace physical actions, only enhance them. So if you want to attract a soul mate into your life, you need to mix and socialize with lots of people. If you want a brilliant job, then you have to ensure your CV or resume is brilliant. If you want to win the lottery – then you have to buy a ticket!

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White Magic: On How To Be a Witch, Casting and Breaking Spells

White Magic: On How To Be a Witch, Casting and Breaking Spells

Aside from learning how to be a witch to cast spells, practitioners of white magic also have to learn how to break spells and dismantle spells. The thing is, when you cast a magic spell for wealth, love, prosperity or luck, you’ll be sending out a big ball of astral energy for your wishes or your subject’s wishes to come true. When the task is finished and the spell is complete, the ball of energy has to be returned to the cosmic void it was taken from. An energy ball from a spell or a ritual that keeps wandering around without purpose can be very dangerous.

White Magic : Magic Lotus flower How To Be a Witch
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If you want your spells to break once their purposes are fulfilled, you might like to include a specific line after you cast your spells. Something in the lines of when the spell is done and it has fulfilled its purpose, any unused energy will return to the cosmic void where it will be harmless and cause no harm to anybody. By saying this line at the end of your spells, you can make sure that you’re protecting yourself and everyone around you, should your spells have a negative effect because they aren’t worded correctly.

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Just in case, you come against a black magic practitioner, knowing how to break spells will also come in handy. Also, if you’ve been practicing white magic for a long time now, you’ll know that nothing will be accomplished with cursing someone or trying to work your spells against someone. You simply break the spells that these dark magicians have cast and protect yourself with your New Moon monthly protection rituals. You can also make sure that you’re protected with the blessing, and cleansing your home regularly.


You can look at going head to head with a practitioner of black magic like a tennis match. As fun as it might sound, you can’t risk balls of energy being ping-ponged around. That is why knowing how to break spells is an indispensable skill. If you can’t break the spell, for example, you can always neutralize it simply by sending it back to the cosmic void. You can do this with the use of mirrors, magical stones like the black onyx and your cauldron. You do have to remember that you need to keep your tools clean to ensure that they operate effectively. In white magic, you have to know as much about casting spells as well as breaking spells.

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Black Magic Money Spell – Why You Should Not Try It

Black Magic Money Spell – Why You Should Not Try It

One of the most important aspects of paganism is the art of casting magic spells. In the pagan pantheons, the different elements stand for or correspond to specific but various intentions. Since it is money spells that you are interested in, you have to use the element of earth or earthly correspondences. After all, financial growth, money matters, and worldly prosperity are represented by the element earth.

Money Spells : iron kettle filled with gold coins on white money spell
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To get a little extra cash flow, you will require herbs like mint, ginger, dill, cedar, almond, patchouli, mugwort, honeysuckle; colors like orange and green; days like Sunday and Thursday and stones like onyx, peridot and moss agate, jade, aventurine, and amber.

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Perhaps the most popular branch or stream of occult practice is dark magic and the African community is widely responsible for giving a fillip to its popularity. The reasons why you should not perform a Black Magic Money Spell all alone are plenty. Let me cite a few of them.


In the days of yore, occult practices were indulged in by the African or black community to invoke the evil spirit – Satan or the devil himself – the ruler of the netherworld or underworld so that they could rule over the whole world.


Casting a Black Magic Money Spell is a part of black magic occult art. One usually takes the help of black magic to win over the heart of the evil spirit through secret rites and rituals and hexes. To be properly able to do it, you need to be competent and knowledgeable enough regarding this secret art. Otherwise, things can go seriously wrong and by casting a Black Magic Money Spell improperly, you might ruin your chances of getting hold of money. You might end up losing money instead.


The reason why experts in black magic warn you not to practice a Black Magic Money Spell or love spell all on your own is that the task is not an easy one and without proper training and guidance from experts, you might land yourself in a soup. Those who are novice will find it very risky to earn or gain money through the path of worshipping Satan and his underworld goblins.


Only an expert in this field can guide you on the proper steps to achieve prompt success in your mission. He or she will teach you the proper and correct steps of every rite, ritual, and hexes involved in a Black Magic Money Spell, a black magician will teach you which are the important accessories you require to perform a ritual, how to chant spells and so on.


When an ill-informed novice tries out this double-edged art of black magic or Black Magic Money Spell, chances are that his/her spell casting might backfire.

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3 Simple Spells For Beginners

3 Simple Spells For Beginners

Spells for beginners is a great way to get started on the path of Wicca and witchcraft. If you really want to be able to create powerful spells with little to no effort, you have to take the time to study and learn and apply that information. The more in tune you get with the universe and the world around you, the more powerful your spells will be. A beginner casting a spell won’t get the same results as someone who has been practicing for ten years. Here are some spells for beginners to start with and to start developing your natural power.

First Of 3 Spells For Beginners:

To Gain Money

Pot Of Money : Black pot of leprechauns gold with lucky clovers spells
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Get a cauldron. A large bowl will work fine, especially if you can find a metal bowl. A cauldron is used only for magical purposes so it is more powerful, however, it is not necessary. Fill the cauldron or bowl half full of water and position it outside where you intend to do the spell so that the light from the moon shines into the water. Sweep your hands above the water as if gathering the moons silver.

While doing this say:
“Lovely lady of the moon, bring me your wealth right soon.
Fill my hands with silver and gold.
All you give, my purse can hold.”

Second Spells For Beginners:

To Gain Love

Rose Petals In Olive Oil : Towel, petals, pebbles, candle and bamboo plant spells
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Start by getting some virgin olive oil and place it in a dark, glass container. Fill it with rose petals and let it sit for at least seven days. Strain the oil from the petals and place back in the glass container. This can be used as an oil for any love magic you wish to do. You can also purchase a love oil at your local pagan shop. Get two red tapered candles and place them on a table side by side. Between the two candles, place an incense burner. Coat the candles in the love oil. When you are ready to begin, light the candles. Place a piece of charcoal in the incense burner and over it sprinkle dried rose petals. Recite the following incantation:

“Candle of power, candle of might,
Create my desires here on this night.
Bring me, love, bring me a date,
Bring to me, my special mate.
Power, stream from this candle’s fire.
Bring to me my heart’s desire.
My words have strength, the victory’s won.
So say I, this spell is done.”

Third Spells For Beginners:

To Lose Weight

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Get yourself a gold medallion and have the likeness of a fish engraved on it.

You can find this at almost any good jewelry store.

A small, plane medallion will do fine.

If not, the power of the internet is brilliant.

Chant the following over the engraved medallion:
“Golden fish, I wear you,
In the belief that you will make me thin and beautiful.
Curb my eating, and let me eat fish and good food.
That will make me thin.”

Now wear the medallion and go on a diet. The pounds will melt away with no struggle and staying with your diet, will be amazingly easy.

Here are just a few spells for beginners that you can use right now. Remember though, to get the best results with spells, you must use them, you must learn, you must practice and grow. The wiser you are, the more powerful you are. The more powerful you are, the more powerful your spells become. A good teacher, program, or a truckload of books will help you learn and grow.

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Magic Spell Casting, Witchcraft and Voodoo Dolls

Magic Spell Casting, Witchcraft and Voodoo Dolls

When you hear the term Voodoo doll you probably think of a toy or novelty item. Are there real Voodoo dolls within magic spell casting’s realm of witchcraft?

Let’s explore this subject…

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Magic Spell Casting and Voodoo Dolls have a strong connection to the world of Magic. Both are linked in the fact they contain Magic or magick. Magic Spell Casting is an art that uses nature, special items and specific ceremonies to send out energies to bring forth a set result. Voodoo also uses similar things to create a “doll” of a person that Spell Energies are targeted for. The Voodoo doll, in theory, contains the Magic Energies used in the ritual or Spell Casting.

Voodoo Spells : Arcanum Witchcraft
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Most of the time, Voodoo Dolls are used in Revenge Spells and Revenge Spell Castings. Revenge Spells or Justice Spell Castings are very difficult for novice Spells Spellcasters and are far more dangerous to cast. The use of Voodoo dolls increases this risk. It is advised that you get special training and instructions when experimenting with such endeavors.

Magic Spell Casting requires practice and time. To be effective at casting magic spells you need to have the actual Spell with instructions and follow them to the letter. If the Spell is a beginner spell that is easy to cast, it will most likely be safe but still, use caution and common sense when trying to cast magic spells or if you try and make a real Voodoo doll.

Voodoo dates back thousands of years and originates in Africa. Around 2000 years ago, the Voodoo doll was used to bring forth prosperity and good fortune. Farmers hired medicine women and men and their Magic Spell Casting abilities to bring forth a healthy crop. They used a Voodoo doll of the farmer to do this. This was the beginning and the start of something VERY powerful that would grow like a wildfire.

As with any advent, mankind found a way to use Magic Spell Casting and Voodoo dolls for evil and greed. It was quickly found out the Voodoo doll could be used to attract negative energies and very bad luck onto a person with a very simple ritual. This art spread very fast and was quickly outlawed. People found in possession of a Voodoo doll or anything remotely looking like a voodoo doll were put to death in Africa during this time period.

Current Spell Casters still believe that Voodoo dolls from this time period and location still contain an amazing amount of Magic power that does not fade with time. This opinion varies from Spell Caster to Spell Caster. These days, real Voodoo dolls that contain true magic Spell energies are very hard to find. Most VooDoo Dolls you see online are mainly novelty items and are for fun. Rest assured, the art of REAL Magic Spell Casting and Voodoo dolls is quite real and alive today.

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Magick and Witchcraft

Magick and Witchcraft

Since the dawn of time, human cultures have tried to explain many things by justifying them with magick and witchcraft. Although many of these phenomena are now likely explained by science, there are still things left unexplained like the telekinesis episodes of World War II and the Visions many historic personalities like Nostradamus had that would recognize the future times to come.

Throughout this article, we will go over white magic witches and warlocks and their black magic counterparts – as with everything in nature, magick is also balanced between good and evil.

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White Magick and Witchcraft

White Magic : Magic Lotus flower magick
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These entities have been documented by history as helpers to the people. They believe in using magick to bend nature in order to help it. They don’t abuse their power and throughout the ages have been misunderstood as prophets, angels, and even Gods.

Black Magick and Witchcraft

Black Magic : a dark gothic angel - black knight with a sword and a lantern in his hand magick
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They use magic to bend nature for their personal gain and benefit from dark energies and an ill repute. Throughout the ages, these entities have been hunted down but also craved as advisers and military generals due to their powerful precognition potential to help turn the tides of battle.

If you want to find some black magic witches, look no further than Adolph Hitler’s special unit that had long haired witches to perform several tasks for the Third Reich… The long hair supposedly acted as an antenna to capture nature’s energies and they would often gather in groups to up their power.

Wicca is one of the more publicly known traditions within Neopaganism, a magical religion inspired by medieval witchcraft, with influences including the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Crowley.  Wiccans and witches define magic in many different ways and use it for a number of different purposes. Despite that diversity of opinion, he concludes that the result upon the practitioner is generally perceived as a positive one.


Magick and religion also share a collective character in a totality of belief. The rules and powers of each are determined by the community’s ideals and beliefs and so may slowly evolve. Additionally, neither supports a partial belief. Belief in one aspect of the phenomena necessitates belief in the whole, and each incorporates structural loopholes to accommodate contradictions.

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Magick and Spell Casting

Magick and Spell Casting

Magick and spellcasting conjure up many thoughts and images as it has always been through all cultures and belief systems.

I’m sure we all want to achieve a magical and happy life filled with love, joy and all things wonderful. We have all performed a little magic at some stage in our lives whether it was making a wish when blowing out a birthday candle, wishing upon a star at night or putting everything you’ve got into making something you wish for or desire come true. We all want to achieve certain things in life whether we practice spell casting or not. If we have a dream or desire it is our positive thoughts and actions that allow these dreams and desires to come to fruition.

Magic and spell casting is really all about this but and in addition also asking for a little help from the universe. We can all have a little magical help whether you are an experienced witch or a beginner in the craft.

Magick (witches will often add a k to the end of the word to define it as esoteric work from that of stage/illusionary magic.) is not supernatural but very Natural. When performing magick/spellcraft witches tap into what is natural, whether that be astrological, with color, herbs and of course harnessing the Elements of nature, etc. Magick in itself is neither black or white, it is neutral. It is however fueled by your by your Intent and that is what gives it a positive or negative connotation.

Intent is very real and very, very powerful. We as humans are very emotional beings and it is this incredible gift that adds power to our intent. This is why you should not perform magick when your really angry as you will often manifest things you don’t really mean. It is fine to want to fuel your magick/spell so long as this is not harming anyone including yourself. Fueling your spells with confidence, positivity, love and pure thought are all that you would want to do.

Magick will not solve all your problems and nor you should expect that. Magick is used to enhance your life but you should always remember to work with the world you live in and not against it. For example, it is no use doing a spell to bring love into your life if you sit at home and wait for it to come to you. Work with your magick! go out and be social. Your magic will be fueled by this and because you know this is your intention you will be emanating this kind of energy.

Think and do some meditation on your spell. It is fine to work with correspondences (days, color, numbers, crystals, herbs, candles, moon phases, etc ) but remember a competent witch can also -bend and shape- what is needed and substitutions can be made. Altering the wording if you have written a spell to coincide with the current aspects of nature, substituting a particular item for something similar and allowing yourself to be guided. The great aspect of spell casting and magick is being able to use your imagination, follow your inner guidance and whether it’s a simple or more complex spell do what is best and what works for you.

Remember: Focus on your intent. This brings us to what is known as Words of power!

The most important law of witchcraft which includes spell casting is the short excerpt from the Wiccan Rede and I feel is really something all of us should live by regardless of your beliefs.

Bide the Wiccan law ye must,
in perfect love and perfect trust,
Eight words of Wiccan will fulfill;
do no harm, but do good will.
What ye send forth comes back to thee,
so disregard the law of me.

That what makes you jump so happily

is a bane to others when they see your glee
Follow this with mind and heart.
Merry ye meet and merry ye part.

We all wish to achieve good things out of life and make positive, healthy and magical changes for the better.

So tap into your inner magical witch and have fun whilst doing it!

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Magic Spells, Prayers, Curses And Chants

Magic Spells, Prayers, Curses, And Chants

So the answer to all your problems is powerful Magic Spells and Prayers.

Warlocks : portrait of a beautiful woman with a candle on a black background spells for money
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Witches, warlocks, magicians, shamans, and saints throughout history have always raised themselves above the common lot of frustrated, hopeless individuals. How? Not by working harder or longer house. Not by wishing and musing. They tapped the secret power which lies behind all the different types of spells like Magic Spells, Money Spells, Prayers, talismans, and Charms. While others moaned and fretted all around them, those few masters enjoyed a fuller, richer life. You can do the same. You smile as others cry. You will feel light and airy while others continue to be burdened. The pressures and obstacles of the mundane world will have no effect on you. Your luck is incredible.

Warlocks : Wizard and his Crystal Ball - Waiting for your Future . spells for money

Happiness, harmony, luck, success etc are all these things which the ancients knew how to get at your fingertips and this was possible by the use of Magic Spells, Prayers, and Chants.


Even as you are reading this topic on Magic Spells, very ancient principles of cosmic action are at work, activated by your mind that is the source of all energy, the root of all magic spells, chants, and prayers. That power is ready to respond to your will. No matter what you want, need, or desire, no matter who you are, where are you or how are you, you can put the power to work for your own good right now. Following years of occult research into the source of the power of mystics, witches, magicians, and occultists in general, I discovered the key to their abilities. And the key to success is positive thinking and positive energy by magic spells, prayers, and chants.


You can activate your own hidden source of MAGICAL power in the same way that occultists and mystics have been doing for ages: by using Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Talismans, Charms, Prayers, and Chants. And just as they have done, you realize your hidden potential, transform your very life, obtain health and riches and fame.


The greatest secret possessed by ancient mystics and occultists, which has been handed down from generation to generation by oral tradition, is this Spells, Prayers, Love Spells, Talismans, Charms, and Chants work effectively to the degree that they are charged with emotion. Incantations do not work by virtue of ‘MAGICAL FORMULA” or by the virtue of sentence structure (the uninitiated always search for “power” names and words). Magic Spells, prayers, chants, talismans, charms work because you want them to work, and this no matter the words used. The secret lies not in the words, and this no matter the words used. The secret lies not in the words, but in the emotional charge behind the words. Certainly, there are formalized witches spells and oriental chants. But the fact remains that without emotional charge behind them, they would be but vain uttering, fruitless and empty words.


Anyone can use Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Talismans, Charms, and Prayers. Modern scientific research tends to demonstrate that all people can be channels for so-called mystic power. The force of energy available to the firewalker, the shaman, the magician, and the sorcerer is also available to the cab driver, the secretary, the bank president, and the beauty queen. No human being denied. Moreover, the source of personal power may be used to solve any problem, spiritual or physical, psychic or material. In short Magic Spells, Prayers, Love Spells Talismans and Charms can help you, no matter your need or desire. You may be a hard-working individual, and yet for all your labor, time and energy output, you get little in return. Here’s where a curse can help you, not a curse against a fellow human being, but a curse against obstacles, impediments, and setbacks.


You can use Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Talismans, Charms, Prayers and Chants to your own benefit right now and every day. The power which responds to them in an ageless power, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Only man’s mind has changed, filled as it is with all kinds of superimposed attitudes, prejudices, and preconceived notions. You can cast a spell on adversity, curse bad luck, pray for anything from spiritual light to material wealth, or chant your way to peace and harmony. For spells, prayers, curses, and chants are no longer merely products of magic and religion but act on definite scientific principles, universal laws. The only thing standing in the way of what you want is yourself.

Offering Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, talismans, and charms. Also having information on witchcraft, Wicca, and voodoo.

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