3 Simple Spells For Beginners

3 Simple Spells For Beginners

Spells for beginners is a great way to get started on the path of wicca and witchcraft. If you really want to be able to create powerful spells with little to no effort, you have to take the time to study and learn and apply that information. The more in tune you get with the universe and the world around you, the more powerful your spells will be. A beginner casting a spell won't get the same results as someone who has been practicing for ten years. Here are some spells for beginners to start with and to start developing your natural power.

First Of 3 Spells For Beginners:

To Gain Money

Pot Of Money : Black pot of leprechauns gold with lucky clovers spells

Get a cauldron. A large bowl will work fine, especially if you can find a metal bowl. A cauldron is used only for magical purposes so it is more powerful, however, it is not necessary. Fill the cauldron or bowl half full with water and position it outside where you intend to do the spell so that the light from the moon shines into the water. Sweep your hands above the water as if gathering the moons silver.

While doing this say: "Lovely lady of the moon, bring me your wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold. All you give, my purse can hold."

Second Spells For Beginners:

To Gain Love

Rose Petals In Olive Oil : Towel, petals, pebbles, candle and bamboo plant spells

Start by getting some virgin olive oil and place it in a dark, glass container. Fill it with rose petals and let it sit for at least seven days. Strain the oil from the petals and place back in the glass container. This can be used as an oil for any love magic you wish to do. You can also purchase a love oil at your local pagan shop. Get two red tapered candles and place them on a table side by side. Between the two candles, place an incense burner. Coat the candles in the love oil. When you are ready to begin, light the candles. Place a piece of charcoal in the incense burner and over it sprinkle dried rose petals. Recite the following incantation:

"Candle of power, candle of might, Create my desires here on this night. Bring me love, bring me a date, Bring to me my special mate. Power, stream from this candle's fire. Bring to me my heart's desire. My words have strength, the victory's won. So say I, this spell is done."

Third Spells For Beginners:

To Lose Weight

Gold Medallion With Fish : Pisces Pendant Gold Necklace and Chain, engraved astrology water sign symbol, star burst design pattern, textured black background spells

Get yourself a gold medallion and have the likeness of a fish engraved on it.

You can find this at almost any good jewelry store.

A small, plane medallion will do fine.

If not, the power of the internet is brilliant.

Chant the following over the engraved medallion: "Golden fish, I wear you, In the belief that you will make me thin and beautiful. Curb my eating, and let me eat fish and good food. That will make me thin."

Now wear the medallion and go on a diet. The pounds will melt away with no struggle and staying to your diet will be amazingly easy.

Here are just a few spells for beginners that you can use right now. Remember though, to get the best results with spells, you must use them, you must learn, you must practice and grow. The wiser you are, the more powerful you are. The more powerful you are, the more powerful your spells become. A good teacher, program, or a truck load of books will help you learn and grow.

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magic spell casting : Fantasy illustration of a Sorceress and her black panther concentrating on magical power, 3d digitally rendered illustration spells


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