Money Magic Spells

Money Magic Spells

We all want more of the green stuff in our lives. People say that money can’t make you happy. They may be right, however, these people have never had it. Regardless, we all have basic needs that have to be taken care of, and a good collection of money magic spells can be useful to take care of these needs.

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Here are 2 money magic spells that anyone can use to help attract more of the green stuff into their lives.

The first isn’t a money magic spell as much as it is an exercise and one that works extremely well. Anyone who practices magic knows that their will creates and effects their life and the world around them. With proper application, one no longer needs spells as much as they need to direct their thoughts, energy, and attention properly in order to manifest what they want.

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Start by taking the time daily to imagine what you want in your mind’s eye. You have to do this as though you are right there doing it yourself. If you just need money to pay the electric bill, imagine yourself writing the check over and over again and having the money to pay it. Feel as though it is real, think as though it is real, and believe that it is real. This is the key to all of it. If you want more, like a trip to Europe, imagine that you are there doing stuff, and feel as though you are in the moment and are actually there.

Here is the second of the money magic spells. Start by taking two green candles and place them on a table. Take a twenty dollar bill and rub it on the candles as you imagine loads of money coming to you. Now, place the bill in between the two candles. Before all of this, you should have created a circle around you to help focus the energy.

Now, light the candles when you are ready. Be sure to clear your mind and aura of anything other than your focus on the task at hand. Recite out loud three times the following. “Bring to me all I need, money, comfort, and dreams. Bring to me all I need, as quickly as can be.”
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