Free Witchcraft Spells For Money and Love

Free Witchcraft Spells For Money and Love

There are hundreds of free witchcraft spells out there and these are just two that you can use for attracting money and love. The key when working with free witchcraft spells is not in the steps or the words or even the stuff used. The key when using free witchcraft spells is the energy that you put out into the universe. This has always been, and always will be the biggest key factor. You must always be sure to send the correct vibration out into the universe. If your energy is dead, so is your spell, no matter what you use or how many steps you take.

                                                                  Witchcraft Spells For Money:

money spells-pot-of-gold-coins-isolated-on-white
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Take a diamond ring and place it on a white tapered candle.

Light the candle and allow it to burn down almost to the ring and chant over it:

Diamond, make diamonds grow,
Make money come this way.
Bring money to me
For (list what you want the money for here)

Diamond, make money,
Shower me and mine,
And grow for me here.

Blow out the candle and wear the ring for a week.

Then do the same spell again but chant this instead:

Diamond, bring diamonds to me,
In the form of money.
For myself for (again state what the money is for)
Don’t hide from me,
And let strangers give to me,
So that we may have enough for (mention what it’s for)

Witchcraft Spells For Love:

Love Spell : Flowers of Tung oil tree spell LOVE Witchcraft Spells For Money and Love

Place sugarcane in a bowl and burn it while concentrating on the face of the one you’re trying to attract while saying:

Join the man and the woman,
Oh, great Kane and great Ku,
Bring them together
(put your name) and (put their name)
And make them one in heaven.

I hope these free witchcraft spells help bring those things you desire in your life.

Try them and enjoy them, most of all, enjoy the process of these rituals and free witchcraft spells.
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