White Magic: On How To Be a Witch, Casting and Breaking Spells

White Magic: On How To Be a Witch, Casting and Breaking Spells

Aside from learning how to be a witch to cast spells, practitioners of white magic also have to learn how to break spells and dismantle spells. The thing is, when you cast a magic spell for wealth, love, prosperity or luck, you’ll be sending out a big ball of astral energy for your wishes or your subject’s wishes to come true. When the task is finished and the spell is complete, the ball of energy has to be returned to the cosmic void it was taken from. An energy ball from a spell or a ritual that keeps wandering around without purpose can be very dangerous.

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If you want your spells to break once their purposes are fulfilled, you might like to include a specific line after you cast your spells. Something in the lines of when the spell is done and it has fulfilled its purpose, any unused energy will return to the cosmic void where it will be harmless and cause no harm to anybody. By saying this line at the end of your spells, you can make sure that you’re protecting yourself and everyone around you, should your spells have a negative effect because they aren’t worded correctly.

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Just in case, you come against a black magic practitioner, knowing how to break spells will also come in handy. Also, if you’ve been practicing white magic for a long time now, you’ll know that nothing will be accomplished with cursing someone or trying to work your spells against someone. You simply break the spells that these dark magicians have cast and protect yourself with your New Moon monthly protection rituals. You can also make sure that you’re protected with the┬áblessing, and cleansing your home regularly.


You can look at going head to head with a practitioner of black magic like a tennis match. As fun as it might sound, you can’t risk balls of energy being ping-ponged around. That is why knowing how to break spells is an indispensable skill. If you can’t break the spell, for example, you can always neutralize it simply by sending it back to the cosmic void. You can do this with the use of mirrors, magical stones like the black onyx and your cauldron. You do have to remember that you need to keep your tools clean to ensure that they operate effectively. In white magic, you have to know as much about casting spells as well as breaking spells.

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