When to Cast Spells

When to Cast Spells

It is important that you cast spells at the right time. Love spells, money spells and spells to rid negativity, all have their special time for casting to enhance their chances of success.

The Moon is the main influence in deciding when to Cast a Spell.

Under a Full Moon, it is the time for Love,

to bring the one you’re thinking of.

Full Moon : Full moon closeup showing the details of the lunar surface Cast Spells

A Waxing Moon signifies growth and expansion, so is the best Moon Phase for Spells of growth and expansion.

Waxing Moon : Moon. Cast Spells

A Waning Moon signifies reduction and moving inwards and this is the best Moon Phase for Spells of banishment, and ridding negativity.

Waxing Moon : picture of the third last quarter moon, taken by telescope Cast Spells

When Casting you will be wise to follow Nature as She knows when the energy you need for a particular Spell will be at its optimum. There is a natural moment for planting and for things to start. There is a natural moment for things to grow and mature. There is a natural time for harvesting and for reaping things. Finally, there is a period for resting.

The most popular spells that people cast or request are love spells and money spells. For love spells, if you have a particular person in mind, then the best moment to cast a spell to attract a lover is the Full Moon. This part of the month is the optimum phase for many Spells because this is the occasion of greatest lunar energy.

Many spells are cast to manifest growth. To attract love, a spell is cast to have love grow. To attract money, a spell is cast to have wealth and abundance to grow. The best moment to have this kind of spell cast is the period of a growing or waxing Moon. Any spells cast during this phase will benefit from, and be enhanced by, the growing lunar energy.

Some spells are spells of diminishment, or banishment, attempting to reduce something or reduce the effect of something. Ridding negativity is one such spell. So, the best period to cast such a spell is at the time of a reducing or waning Moon.

A weight loss spell can confuse some spellcasters. They might, for example, assume that you should cast such a spell during the reducing, or waning moon to assist with the reduction in weight. However, no spell can work in this way, and cause you simply to lose weight. All a spell can do is increase your willpower and resolve to make the changes in your life to effect a healthy loss of weight.

So, the best period to cast a spell for weight loss is in fact, during a waxing Moon!

Good luck with your Spell Casting!
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