Casting Magic Spells

Casting Magic Spells

The belief in magic and energy will aid in casting magic spells that work. It is the nature of belief in oneself that gives you the power to create working spells. To first cast a spell you must become in tune with everything around you. You must free yourself from all that clouds your mind and become in tune with what you want to happen.
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Love Spells

When you are first starting out in witchcraft you can find spells that exist already and modify them to your needs. Once you have become successful at casting spells then you may wish to write your own spells and create your own destiny.
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Wicca Love Spells

When looking at a spell you need to ask yourself if it is what you truly desire. What parts of it work for you and what parts of it do not. You must make each spell to make it individually unique to your needs and wants.
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Wicca Love Spells

Here is an example of a love spell to attract attention from the person you desire. In this spell, you will need an orange candle, marjoram oil, non-flammable glue and a dish that is safe for the oven. You should be adept at casting your circle before attempting this spell. Cast your circle and place a picture of your "crush" in the dish. Cover the picture with glue, pour the oil over the candle, and set the candle in the glue. Light the candle and say:
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Love Spells

By the four posts of my bed:

"I turn your head,

I turn your head.

By my loins and by my thighs

I draw your eyes,

I draw your eyes.

With marjoram and bowl of glue

I make you think of me as I think of you.

I cause you to look at me;

I cause you to look at me

I make you enchanted by what you see."

Now simply let the candle burn out until the spell works. This spell can be altered to your taste and preferences. You may use a different type of oil, or as was suggested by another witch, vaginal secretions.

The trick to casting spells, particularly with beginner witchcraft, is to make them your own. Create words and spaces that mean something to you. Singing and dancing during your spell ritual will also make them more powerful. Setting up a ritual to use every time you cast a spell is also very important. For quickest results, your practice begins here!

Witchcraft & Wizardry Academy:

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Red Magick Love Spells to terminate that hate and bring you, your love, You know the one that you are always thinking of, it's his desire to wear like a glove That you now desire, for a long-lasting love.

love spells

Wicca Love Spells that can set you apart to bring you your love, to your open your heart. There's never a better place to start Than right here where your heart feels its part

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